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Mount St John is a private estate set in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside in England. We specialise in breeding dressage youngstock and dressage horses of the highest standard and are currently breeding with around thirty quality dressage mares per season. This includes a high proportion of embryo transfers from elite sport mares currently competing. We also have several competition horses in training with elite dressage riders.



We strive to use the most up to date reproductive technologies and expertise available, which saw us set up the embryo transfer lab for the 2012 breeding season in consultation with Equine Reproductive Services (Jonathan Pycock and James Crabtree) who have headed up our reproduction veterinary work for the past 10 years and are both experts in the equine reproductive field. This move towards a focus on embryo transfer allows our breeding to focus more on elite sport mares, whilst not distracting from their competition careers by not taking time out to have a foal. We also use ET a lot to maintain breeding possibilities in older mares or to try different stallions in 1 season from some of our best breeding mares.

The stud

We made the decision not to stand any of our own stallions, to give us the freedom to access the wide range of world class stallions available throughout Europe. We generally retain 6-8 fillies from each year and produce them to be ridden sport horses and simultaneously breed with them by embryo transfer.

At this point some will become available to purchase. All colts (and some fillies) that we breed will be available on the market as dressage foals for sale. We strive to do the best for each individual horse, and thus deal with each of their bespoke needs and requirements whatever they may be!





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